What Can I Do

What Can I do to Help the Cause of Canonization of Father Joseph Walijewski?

  • Donate
    Support the Cause and the continuation of Father Joe’s missionary work


  • Prayer
    Pray the special prayer (link to prayer) for his canonization that simultaneously presents to God a request for healing or other special intention.


  • Build the Apostleship
    Help share the story of Father Walijewski in your parish, prayer group or Bible Study group, your children and grandchildren. Other ways to help the Cause would be to attend the various events sponsored by the Diocese of La Crosse for the promotion of the Cause.


Annual Nativity Tour on December 15  – 7 PM CST

Please join us for the LIVE Casa Hogar Annual Nativity Tour – December 15, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

During Advent the Casa Hogar family has the tradition of creating nativity scenes in each family’s apartment, the cafeteria and the church. If you are counting, that is ten nativity scenes in all.  The amount of time and work put into making the fields, rivers, shepherds, kings, animals, stables, Josephs, Marys and Baby Jesus’ is amazing.

During the LIVE Nativity Tour, Msgr. Joseph Hirsch and the children will guide you from family to family to enjoy each nativity scene. There are always unexpected surprises with unusual additions in their nativity scenes.  Join us and see how different, and yet the same, nativity scenes can be.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 158430

"Then I will not have lived in vain, and I'll not care how long I'll live, if I can give and give and give."

— Fr. Walijewski