EWTN to feature the life of Father Joseph Walijewski

EWTN to feature the life of Father Joseph Walijewski

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Scene at one of the several soup kitchens established by Father Joseph Walijewski. People from the neighborhood are waiting for lunch. This kitchen is directly behind St. Joseph’s Chapel in Villa El Salvador, the church wished for as one of Father Joseph Walijewski’s mother’s three wishes.

Inscription at the site of Cristo Salvador Parish, the first church established by Father Joseph Walijewski in Villa El Salvador, Peru, which reads ‘Place where Mass was celebrated on December 24, 1971 by Cardinal Juan Landazun recognizing Padre Jose Walijewski as the first pastor. In attendance were: nine children, five women, two men, and 15 dogs.

Expected to air in spring 2015, this 60 minute tribute to Father Joseph Walijewski’s life and ministry, produced and hosted by Bob Dolan of Bob Dolan Productions, is filled with many testaments to his charism. Tracing his life of devotion and dedication, this feature explores how God’s providence guided, and Father Joe’s humble service provided the necessary means to minister to those most vulnerable.

Father Joe spent most of his life in South America, but brought with him the cleverness of a Midwestern farm boy. His simple upbringing and can-do attitude allowed him to respond to those in need with extraordinary success. Despite the setbacks he experienced throughout his life, his faith remained strong and his devotion unwavering.

His story of faith and service gives us courage to confront situations placed in our lives, and the resolution to do something about it. Using the model of his life, we will be inspired to see Christ crucified in everyone we meet.

Bob Dolan, and Monsignor Hirsch are interviewing a Peruvian resident who knew Father Joseph Walijewski while he was living in Villa El Salvador.