Casa Hogar Graduates—What’s Next?

Casa Hogar Graduates—What’s Next?

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Since she was just 6 years old, Ena has called Casa Hogar home. Born in the jungle and moved to the Villa El Salvador Slum at 2 ½ to live with her Grandma, she came to live in a place where she could walk to school every day, a home with a playground outside, a safe and clean space to sleep at night and most importantly a house her older brother and sister also called home. Fast forward 11 years and Ena is preparing to Graduate from Casa Hogar in December as a leader of our house. She will finish her last year of high school at the top of her class, with a strong proficiency in English and 75% of a cosmetology certificate completed.

Ena’s story is not unlike her fellow Egresadas and hermanas, Flor and Marilyn. Each of the girls come from families of extreme poverty and lived in situations of high risk before coming to Casa Hogar.  For Marilyn who witnessed domestic abuse and alcoholism growing up, Casa Hogar has become her second Family, “I am thankful to all the benefactors for the help they’ve given me. To allow me to study and finish high school. My Casa Hogar Family has changed my life completely…” She and her younger sister Ely visit their mom whenever Msgr. Hirsch says Mass in her community. Their mom runs a stand in a local market making the equivalent of $3.00 per day.

Flor has big dreams for her future and hopes to one day become a lawyer. “For me, Casa Hogar has meant everything in my life. At first when my Grandma told me I had to come live here because we had no money and I could not go to school, I cried every night. I did not want to leave and begged not to go. But now, after the years of being at Casa Hogar I have finished school, have a chance at completing a professional degree and can do things in my future…I know I am going to cry when I have to leave the Casa Hogar Family…”

Each of the young women have matured, developed and overcome their own challenges during their adolescent years with the love, strength and support of the Family Model at Casa Hogar. The little girls in the house look up to Ena, Flor and Marilyn and the staff depend on upon them. When they take they fly the nest, they will truly be missed by our community.

Although sad to see them go, we are excited about what their futures will hold. All three girls have been accepted into a program through Buckner Peru, a home for young women enrolled in academic or vocational programs to transition to independent living. Facilities will include room and board, job training, tutoring and mentoring. This year will the first for our partnership with Buckner and we are excited for the girls to pave the way for their future!


Annual Nativity Tour on December 15  – 7 PM CST

Please join us for the LIVE Casa Hogar Annual Nativity Tour – December 15, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

During Advent the Casa Hogar family has the tradition of creating nativity scenes in each family’s apartment, the cafeteria and the church. If you are counting, that is ten nativity scenes in all.  The amount of time and work put into making the fields, rivers, shepherds, kings, animals, stables, Josephs, Marys and Baby Jesus’ is amazing.

During the LIVE Nativity Tour, Msgr. Joseph Hirsch and the children will guide you from family to family to enjoy each nativity scene. There are always unexpected surprises with unusual additions in their nativity scenes.  Join us and see how different, and yet the same, nativity scenes can be.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 158430

"Then I will not have lived in vain, and I'll not care how long I'll live, if I can give and give and give."

— Fr. Walijewski