The Father Joseph Walijewski Legacy Guild is an association of people dedicated to furthering the cause of the Servant of God, Father Joseph Walijewski, and providing continued support for the legacy he left behind. Padre Jose’s spirituality is rooted in seeing Christ crucified in everyone he met; especially the orphans, the  abandoned, the marginalized and the poor.

“How can I go home to a comfortable bed,” he would recall, “knowing there are thousands of children that are out there in the streets; sleeping outside in the cold, hungry, with no hope in their mind?”

Unwilling to turn and walk away, Father Joe built parish churches, soup kitchens and an orphanage to meet the basic needs of these people. The missionary zeal inspired by Father Joe’s legacy is passed on to us today. We are called to imitate Father Joe’s heroic virtue, and respond by embracing the people we encounter representing Christ crucified in our everyday lives. In order to continue the work Father Joe started, Father Joeseph Walijewski Legacy Guild divides its tasks into three categories; outreach, membership, and financial. Each area will help ensure that the legacy will continue and his cause will be promoted.

Those devoted to Father Joseph Walijewski are encouraged to join the Guild and regularly say the prayer for his canonization, which is available online and on a special prayer card. Members are asked to pray for Father Walijewski’s canonization, report favors received and assist in the advancement of the cause.